Tsui Design And Research

What is the primary focus at Tsui Design and Research?
Eugene Tsui and his team are focused on not only the design but also the implementation of nature-based architecture. Tsui Design and Research provides specific concepts for buildings, landscaped environments, public art spaces, urban centers and the various personal accruements necessary for the twenty-first century citizen.

How does nature inspire TDR's work and what is the firm's mission?
At TDR, we create innovative community environments that are directly inspired by the forms and functions that one finds in nature. Nature is our great teacher. Our mission is to solve the challenges of modern society by utilizing the lessons that abound in nature. We view these challenges as abundant creative opportunities.

How does Tsui Design and research build a viable working project team?
TDR works closely with engineers, landscape designers, biologists, ecologists and other leaders in the field of evolutionary architecture

What is Evolutionary Architecture?
Evolutionary Architecture found its genesis in the architectural theories and practices of people like Antonio Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff. In time, this nature-base approach to design began to incorporate functional analogies to quantum physics and fractal theory. The introduction of virtual reality software in the 1990s further expanded the ability to simulate and observe these evolutionary architectural models.

What are the specific benefits of the Tsui Nature-Based design approach?
Environmental Benefits: Structural forms that are modeled after naturally occurring phenomenon inherently better resist earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and other natural disasters. A beneficial partnership is therefore formed between humanity and nature by adopting the unquestionably successful strategies that have evolved over eons. The resulting solutions are not only superior in function but are also more harmonious with nature.

Economic Benefits: A natural consequence of Dr. Tsui's long-term, nature-based approach to his work is that a developer can easily employ local, accessible and environmentally friendly materials and local talent. Substantial savings will therefore be realized during the construction phase and the local community will enjoy a wealth of employment opportunities.

Social Benefits: A guiding principle behind all of Dr. Tsui's work is the encouragement of inter-cultural understanding, cooperation and respect. His projects always derive their vitality by not only tapping the deep creative instincts of his personal design team but by also inviting and incorporating the needs, ideas and desires of the community.
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