Tsui Design And Research

Urban Planning should establish growth projections for infrastructure, population, commuter traffic, urban growth rates, traffic congestion, pollution, greenbelt areas, job growth and residential development rates. These plans should reduce harm to existing ecology by preserving green and open spaces. Projections in all urban planning should be designed for a minimum of 500 years.

Sometimes planning requires international and regional cooperation, even in oceans and waterways. Examples of such projects include The Nexus Mobile Floating Sea City and the "Prosperity Tower," the world's tallest retail/office structure for the Hung Kuo Financial Group in Taipei, Taiwan. Both examples incorporate special ecological technology and self-sufficient energy systems. Tsui’s two-mile high Sky City Tower, powered by the sun, wind, and atmospheric pressure differentials prevents the destructive effects of urban sprawl by creating a vertically integrated growth that protects the natural environment for public benefit and recreational use.